1. Open Mail by clicking on the stamp icon on the dock.

  2. If Mail has never been setup before you will be prompted to set it up with the screen below. Choose 'Add Other Mail Account' press 'Continue' and skip to step 5.

  3. If Mail HAS been set up before on your Mac, go to the Mail menu, then click Preferences

  4. Click the Accounts tab, Then click the + button in the lower left.
  5. Fill in your the following settings:
    Full Name: Your name (this is the name your emails will appear to come from.)
    Email Address: The email address you want to set up.
    Password: The password you set when you created the email account.
    And click 'Create'.

  6. Fill in the following settings: Account Type: IMAP
    Description: Your email address
    Incoming Mail Server: mail.webinabox.net.au
    User Name: Your email address
    And click 'Next'.

  7. You will then be directed to this screen regarding 'Incoming Mail Server Info'. Click 'Next' without changing any of the information, even if the number shown below is not the same as what you see on your screen.

  8. Fill in the following settings: Outgoing Mail Server: to mail.webinabox.net.au
    Username: Your email address
    Password: Email address password.
    And click 'Create'.

  9. As above, leave the fields highlighted in this window as they are and click 'Create'.

  10. You're done! Double Check all your settings are correct, then start using Mail!