FileZilla is a free, open source FTP client. It has all the features you need to upload your web pages to Web In A Box. (Did we mention it was free?) To get started, just head on over to The FileZilla Homepage to download and install the application.

  1. Open Outlook by going to the Start Menu, clicking All Programs (or Programs), clicking FileZilla FTP Client and clicking FileZilla

  2. Once open, click the File menu and select Site Manager

  3. Your Site Manager should now be visible. Click on New Site and give it a name. (whatever you like)
    Now, fill in the following details:

    Servertype: 'FTP - File Transfer Protocol'
    Logontype: Normal
    User: Your domain name (eg.
    Password: The password for your domain.

    Now, Hit Connect 

  4. You should now be connected. You should now see two panes, both with a list of folders. The left pane is your local PC, the right pain is our servers. To upload your homepage, drag them from the left hand pane to the public_html folder on the right pane.

    Warning: You MUST place your website within public_html, or it will NOT work correctly.