Web In A Box's Cloud Infrastructure allows you to quickly find your current Administrator/root password or reset your Administrator/root password in the event that the listed password is incorrect. 

1. Navigate to http://cloud.webinabox.net.au and login with your user details, which are the same as your Web In A Box dashboard. 
2. Select Virtual Machines from the left hand side and then click on the name of your Server.

3. You can view your current Administrator/root password by clicking on "Password" next to the username.

4. If this is incorrect Select "Reset Root Password" from the "Tools" menu.

5. Select "Reset Password with Random String" on the pop up window to allow your server to reboot and complete the password reset. You can also select "Set password" to set your own password.
6. Once your server has finished rebooting you can see your new Administrator/root password by clicking on "Password" next to the username. 
7. You can now log back into your machine using the new Administrator/root password.