The Web In A Box dashboard has an industry unique feature allowing you to grant other people or organisations access to your account's management dashboard without giving them your own e-mail login and password.

To grant access to your account, the following steps are required

  1. Access the Web In A Box dashboard at
  2. Login to an account with existing access to the required account
  3. Select the required account or domain name from the right hand side list
  4. Select the "manage account contacts" option, under the Contact Management section of the "Account Administration & Support" area
  5. Select the "Create New Contact" option
  6. Enter the e-mail address of the person or organisation that requires access to your account
  7. Select the desired role for their access.  If you wish to give a user full access, you must add them twice with both the Technical and Billing roles

    Technical Contact A technical contact can only manage technical aspects of your account such as DNS & E-Mail Management
    Billing Contact A billing contact can only manage accounting aspects of the account, such as viewing pricing and invoices
  8. An e-mail will be sent to the specific address, they will need to accept the management role on your account and can optionally create an account including password & contact details if they do not already have an account